TikTok Is Amazed At How Well Trained This Cane Corso Is

Are you in the market for the perfect trainer to help guide you in directing your pup to cooperate on and off the leash? If so, American Standard K9 has the answer for you!

Training your dog is often a challenging task to take on. While we want them to be the perfect pup who listens to our every word, getting them to follow our commands takes a lot of time and practice.

Luckily for you, this company has a fantastic system, which is clearly demonstrated in this TikTok video of a Cane Corso following the exact commands of his owner.

As you can see throughout the video, the trainer can keep the Cane Corso right by his side or tell him to sit and stay as he walks the neighborhood without even looking back to see if the pup has gotten up or started following him.

As he continues to walk throughout the street, he then yells a command which leads to the dog running directly to his side and staying in step with the trainer as he continues to walk.

People from all over are so amazed at how well this dog is trained that they have looked past the training of their own pets and have currently been looking for training for other things, including humans, in their own home.

Some of the comments will leave you laughing for hours, and while some of you may be in the market for a trainer for your precious pups, some of us are left wondering if he also trains husbands as well!

One woman writes, “Can you do this with a husband? Asking for a friend.”

TikTok; pictured above is the Cane Corso and his trainer

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