18 Years Ago This College Girl Was Murdered In Her Own Apartment And Although Everyone Thought There Was DNA Belonging To Her Killer, That Turned Out To Not Be The Case

18-year-old Brittany Phillips grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and after she graduated from Union High School, she end up getting a full-ride scholarship to study chemistry in Florida.

Brittany didn’t spend very long in Florida before she ended up missing her home and her loved ones.

So, she returned to Tulsa and got her very own apartment right near her old high school as she continued working towards her college degree.

Her apartment was located on the second story of the building and her address was 9400 E. 65th Street in Tulsa.

It was September 27th, 2004, when Brittany was last seen leaving the apartment of one of her friends, and nobody knew that it would be the final time she would be seen alive.

Just 3 days later, Brittany was found dead in her apartment, after a man assaulted and then strangled her inside of her bedroom.

Brittany’s loved ones sadly laid her to rest on her 19th birthday.

Although Brittany did not live on the ground floor of the building, it seemed there were a few ways the man who took Brittany’s life had gotten in.

Family photo; pictured above is Brittany

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