After A Fire Broke Out In Their Apartment, Their Puppy Nearly Passed Away But EMTs Were Able To Revive Him

Jesalyn Longoria and her partner had recently moved into their apartment on April 1st and had no idea what was ahead of them.

On Thursday, May 5th, a fire broke out while the couple was at work. Once they were informed about the incident, they rushed to the apartment only to find that their precious companion was not doing well.

Unfortunately, as the fire had reached their apartment, no one knew their beloved 11-month-old puppy, Loki, was inside at the time.

Once the emergency medical technicians arrived at the apartment, they quickly found Loki. At first, the poor pup was pronounced dead on the scene. 

That was until the fantastic medical team was able to revive him. The EMTs proceeded to take Jesalyn’s pup to the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission, where she arrived to find him in rough condition.

Once Saturday hit, Jesalyn and her partner brought Loki to the vet for evaluation as his eyes were still shut two days after the fire broke out, and he had a horrible cough.

The veterinarian prescribed Loki eye drops and medicine in hopes her condition would ease up.

However, this was not the case. Instead, Loki woke up shaking uncontrollably at 6 am just a few days later. 

GoFundMe; pictured above is Loki

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