After Going Missing For Five Years, This Pup Named Ginger Was Finally Reunited With Her Owner

In 2017, Barney Lattimore of Janesville, Wisconsin, suffered every pet owner’s worst nightmare– his beloved dog Ginger was stolen.

For years, Barney searched high and low for his companion. He never lost hope that Ginger was out there and continued to check any similar-looking dogs that crossed his path for the past five years.

Now, half a decade later, the pair have finally been reunited. An officer of the City of Beloit Police Department came across an unidentified stray dog and, afterward, the department luckily shared a photo of the pup on Facebook.

The Facebook post quickly circulated through the community, and, after gaining over three hundred shares, the image finally reached Barney.

He quickly contacted the police department and learned that the pup had been transported to the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin for veterinary care.

After bolting over to HSSW and spotting the pup, it became clear that both Barney and Ginger were reunited at last.

“As soon as they saw each other, there was no doubt. The excitement on the family’s faces, as well as Ginger’s, when they were finally reunited, was beyond memorable,” the Humane Society shared in a Facebook update.

It turns out that Ginger had been just thirteen miles away from Barney’s home for the past five years.

Facebook; pictured above Barney reunites with Ginger

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