After This Dog Shelter Suffered From A Power Outage, The Community Quickly Came Together To Save All The Dogs From The Heat Wave

A week ago today, a heat wave rolled through Columbus, Ohio, and right in the middle of it, the Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center suffered from a power outage.

At 2:30 that afternoon, all of the power went out, leaving the dogs in the shelter at risk. While the shelter does have a generator, it only connects to parts of their building and not the entire thing.

Taking to Facebook, the shelter asked locals for bags of ice to be delivered in order for them to keep their four-legged friends cool.

“We need your help,” the Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center wrote in their post. “The power is out here at the shelter, and our pups need ice to keep cool in this blazing heat!”

“We’re calling for the community to donate bags of ice to the dog shelter. Let’s keep our furry friends cool today.”

The response to the shelter was overwhelming, and the community quickly came together to make sure none of the dogs were in danger amid the hot weather.

Many people commented on the post, saying that they were leveraging delivery apps and drivers to help get the ice there as quickly as possible, while others lined up around the block, ready to drop off their bags.

In just a couple of hours, the Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center said that people had donated hundreds upon hundreds of bags of ice, which they were no longer in need of.

Facebook; pictured above is Franky, one of the shelter’s adorable dogs, enjoying some of the donated ice

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