Her Boyfriend Kept Giving Her Strep Throat And Then He Dumped Her After She Went To The Emergency Room To The Tune Of $1,100

Break-ups are difficult, and it’s crazy to think they can occur for almost any kind of reason. But have you ever heard of a couple breaking up because of strep throat? Let us give you some context.

A woman on TikTok named Casey (@caseface007) recently made a viral video to tell the story of a time when a case of strep throat and a $1,100 emergency room bill led to her boyfriend ghosting her.

Casey was in a relationship with this guy four years ago. One day, she found out that she had strep throat from her doctor. Casey tried to warn her boyfriend that he could have strep throat too, but he never caught it.

“After I was no longer contagious, I went to see him again, finished my antibiotics, then two days later went back to the doctor,” Casey said. “I had strep throat again.”

Casey’s doctor explained that her boyfriend could be a strep throat carrier and that if he got some antibiotics it would clear up in no time.

Casey tried explaining this to her boyfriend, but he responded by telling her that because he felt fine, he was not going to go to the doctor.

Two days after finishing her second round of antibiotics, Casey went back to the doctor and got diagnosed with strep throat for a third time.

“I’m given a third antibiotic and told that my boyfriend is most certainly a carrier,” Casey continued.

TikTok; pictured above is Casey in her video

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