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Her Boyfriend Went To An Event With All Of His Friends And A Girl That’s Been Crushing On Him Kissed Him But He Lied About It

He continued to lie to her though and only came clean a couple of days ago. She was so angry with him when he finally did tell her the truth.

“What makes all of this worse is that in the talking stages of our relationship when we weren’t even dating and not exclusive, I kissed another guy,” she said.

“This was a big problem for him, and since then I have done everything in my power to prove to him that I’m a loyal and honest person. I also told him about it the day it happened.”

“But throughout the 2 years we’ve been together, he has constantly accused me of cheating. Always texts me when I’m out without him. There was even an occasion when he almost broke up with me because he “couldn’t stop thinking about what I did.”

She cannot move past her anger, and it mostly has to do with her boyfriend intentionally telling her anything but the truth.

She does love her boyfriend and would like to be able to forgive and move on, but the more she thinks about everything, the more she doubts that forgiveness is the right path here.

Do you think she should forgive him, or do you think this is something they won’t be able to put behind them?

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