Her Boyfriend’s Ex Sends Him An Email Every Single Year In The Hopes Of Being Able To Get Back Together With Him And She’s Thinking It’s Time To Set This Girl Straight

Wayhome Studio - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 26-year-old woman has a boyfriend the same age as her, and they have been dating for 6 years now.

They live together in an apartment, they have a pet cat, and they’re talking about tying the knot, so by all means, they’re serious.

Before her boyfriend was with her, he dated his ex-girlfriend for 7 years, and he dated her from middle school until his first year of college.

Although her boyfriend has clearly moved on from his ex, his ex has not moved on at all, because she sends him an email every single year in the hopes of being able to get back together.

She knows about the emails because her boyfriend hasn’t hidden them from her, and he has given her the ability to access his inbox whenever she wants.

“I’m not denying they have a deep history, and from what it sounds like…she sounds like a nice girl,” she explained.

“I usually ignore her emails to him, but this time she went too far. She mentioned she wants to catch up with “old friends” and have him come on a weekend birthday trip with her.”

“Apparently none of her friends can afford to go, and in the same breath, she said she wants him to think about this as in them being at a point in their life where they’re old enough to get married and have kids now.”

She couldn’t help but feel unsettled by the contents of this email. She does know these emails her boyfriend’s ex sends constantly talk about the two of them starting to date again, but this is a whole new level of crazy to her.

Wayhome Studio – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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