Her Fiancé Feels Like Canceling Their Wedding Since He Can’t Pitch In And Pay For It

maks1mpm - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Weddings are expensive. This is why most of us gather a second job just to cover the bills and put the extra money from job number two off to the side, just for the wedding.

If it’s not a second job, it’s most likely over time, working day and night just to have the ability to cover everything we have ever wanted for our special day.

Some of us are just better with our money, so budgeting is our main priority, and we won’t place an anxiety-filled financial burden over our heads.

Then there comes a time when one significant other is doing most of the work and covering 99% of the payments. If this is the case, what do you do next?

A couple has been placing their wedding on hold for a multitude of reasons. At first, the guy needed a prenup.

Second, a worldwide pandemic hit and ruined everything, and third, the guy just realized he could not pay his portion and wants to cancel the wedding.

So now what?

The woman has been planning and paying for everything on her own. However, since they had initially agreed to split the venue and vendor expenses, she made a sheet of everything her future husband owes her and paid for all the costs upfront.

The unfortunate part is that her 35-year-old future husband placed most of his funds in stocks, and with the market crashing, he lost all of the money he planned on giving her as payment for his portion of the wedding expenses.

maks1mpm – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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