How Do Americans Feel About The Smart Devices In Their Homes? Survey Finds They “Love Them,” But Still Have Privacy Concerns

And on average, Americans have spent nearly twelve hundred dollars on the tech already inside their homes. Plus, in the future, they are willing to invest about two thousand and five hundred more dollars toward additional devices.

Nonetheless, some privacy concerns regarding tech in the home do remain. Seventy-six percent of Americans are concerned about privacy in general, while fifty-nine percent are specifically worried about being spied on and monitored.

Additionally, with increasingly popular targeted marketing strategies, forty-three percent of people are worried about their data being collected for corporate purposes.

Despite these fears, six in ten people believe that smart technology has had a positive effect on their lives, and forty percent claimed they would not return to living without their devices.

Now, it is hard to imagine what advancements could take hold over the next twenty years. Perhaps we will look back at 2022 similarly as we are reflecting on 1999.

To read the survey’s complete findings, visit the link here.

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