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She Canceled A Girls Trip Last Minute In Order To Support Her Stepchildren And Her Friends Freaked When They Found Out That She Was No Longer Going With Them

goodluz - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 42-year-old woman got married to her husband 11 years back, and her husband had two children at the time that are now 16 and 13.

She adores her stepchildren and she has a wonderful relationship with them both. Sadly, the mom of her stepchildren passed away in a very tragic way a couple of weeks ago, and her stepchildren are having a hard time dealing with losing their mom without warning.

“Next weekend would have been their mom’s birthday,” she explained. “This is obviously going to be an emotional weekend–the first events without a loved one are always hard, and this one is so close to her death which just makes it even harder.”

“I had originally planned a “girls trip” with some old friends from college for that weekend. Obviously, when we were making the arrangements, there was no reason to believe this would have been an issue–the kids would have been with their mom, my husband would have had the house to himself, and I would have had a fun trip with some people I haven’t seen in a while.”

As she’s gotten closer to the date of her scheduled girls trip to the town where she went to college, she’s come to the conclusion that it’s best to cancel the trip so she can be there to support her stepchildren.

Although her stepchildren have not requested for her to stay home instead of hanging out with her friends, she feels that this is the right thing to do.

She figured her friends would be understanding when she told them she won’t be going anymore, but her friends were not happy.

She said she would still pay for her part of their accommodations, and that she would make sure the reservations she had gone through with would be transferred to one of her other friends, but her friends freaked.

Her friends had already decided on a couple of outings where they needed a minimum headcount, and with her backing out they won’t be able to enjoy the plans they had set.

goodluz – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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