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She Just Moved In With Her Boyfriend And She’s Not Sure How To Ask Him If She Can Contribute Less To Their Rent

Juli Puli - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A woman and her boyfriend have been dating for a year, and they are now pregnant. Although they were not expecting to be parents so early on in their relationship, they are moving forward with this and she’s due in just 3 weeks.

Yesterday, she, unfortunately, found out that her job will not be offering her an unpaid leave of absence after she welcomes her child, and she has no choice but to give up her job.

While she has managed to save her last 3 months of paychecks, she intended to use this money for her savings and not spend it.

Now that she’s looking at not having her job, she needs to save this money even more now and try to make it “stretch.”

She also recently moved in with her boyfriend, and their rent is $1,600. She has already agreed to pay $500 every month towards their rent, but that’s no longer feasible for her.

“My boyfriend on the other hand makes over twice what I do and gets 4 months of fully paid leave and also has savings for the baby (we agreed to each save $5,000),” she explained.

“I just moved in so he can afford rent on his own and has been for over a year before we got together.”

“My logic is to either give him reduced rent or none at all considering I have no job and won’t even have a job prospect until at the earliest September.”

She’s having a hard time bringing up this conversation with her boyfriend, as she’s concerned that he will think she’s using him.

Juli Puli – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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