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She Saved An Abandoned Bunny And Now She’s Sleeping On The Couch Since Her Husband Doesn’t Agree With What She Did

galitskaya - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A couple of days back, a woman came across a bunny that someone had clearly dumped and left behind just 2 minutes down the street from where she lives.

She could tell this bunny at been a pet at one point, and he was friendly enough that he let her scoop him up into her arms.

She immediately brought the bunny home, and her husband absolutely lost it on her when he found out about what she did.

She mentioned to her husband that she was going to take the bunny to an animal rescue and that she would be able to work it all out, but he never had animals when he was a kid and he wasn’t ok with her just bringing the bunny into their home.

She did keep her word and started looking for a rescue that could take in the bunny that she had found, but every single rescue that she reached out to wasn’t able to take on any additional animals.

Thankfully, one of her friends agreed to step up and take in the bunny while working to find a permanent situation for the little guy.

“But my husband keeps telling me it was a mistake and that I should’ve left him, I’ve told him that he would have died and he agrees that he would have but still says it doesn’t matter and I should’ve left him,” she explained.

“I’m currently sleeping on the couch because we kept fighting about it. He just can’t see that I had no other option, I couldn’t have just left him…”

“Now he’s accusing me of putting the rabbit before our marriage because he asked me if the options were to abandon an animal on the side of the road or he would leave, and I said that’s an insane ultimatum and a ridiculous circumstance so yes I would leave him.”

galitskaya – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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