She Showed Up To Her Cousin’s Wedding Wearing White, But It Was A Complete Accident

Alena - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A couple of weeks back, a woman received an invitation from her cousin asking her to come to her baby’s christening.

The invite was quite last-minute, and she did know that her cousin recently eloped with her husband, yet they never had an official ceremony or wedding for that matter.

Her cousin did chat about wanting to have something more traditional, though she always said she wasn’t in any kind of rush to put it together.

Well, after her cousin eloped, she had a baby, and the baby is currently 9 months old. Her cousin held her baby’s christening one weekend, and the invitation she got said that it was for the baby’s christening.

Imagine her surprise when she showed up at the christening, only to find that it also was a wedding for her cousin as well, and nobody knew about it.

Her entire family had no clue that her cousin wanted to have a wedding that day too, and because she was unaware of her cousin’s plans, she actually wore white.

“So I wore a white dress with some pink details,” she explained. “It was me and a couple of other girls who wore white and at first everyone ignored us but once the surprise wedding happened everyone started looking at us judgementally as if we were supposed to be aware and we did it on purpose.”

“My cousin was cold with me the entire time and she’d barely look at me and speak to me.”

The day after her cousin’s baby christening/surprise wedding, her cousin sent her a couple of text messages reprimanding her outfit choice.

Alena – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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