She Was Attacked By A Big Dog And Left For Dead: Then Local Vets Didn’t Have The Ability To Perform Surgery On This Small Chihuahua, So Her Adoptive Mom Saved Up The Money To Take Her To A Specialist

Abilene, Texas. Never underestimate a small creature. You just don’t know how much of the energy/ fighting spirit is within that tiny body.

Little Lady belongs to one of them. Her mother, Amanda Jost, described how this four-pound chihuahua was attacked by a much bigger dog than her and was left to die. Lady miraculously survived, and luckily, she was rescued by the local animal service. 

Lady suffered from infected lacerations and puncture wounds. But she had also met the family of her life–her mother, Amanda, who fell in love with Lady and decided to bring her home from the City of Abilene Animal Shelter to accompany Lady on her recovery journey.

Amanda described that Lady was evaluated by the local vet and was confirmed to have multiple fractures in her pelvis.

Therefore, the only way for her to fully recover was through surgery. “She must go to a specialist because local vets do not have the equipment to perform surgery on such a small animal,” Amanda stated.

Amanda started a GoFundMe in order to help get enough money for Lady’s surgery.

“I want to give her the life she (Lady) deserves,” Amanda said. “She will not have a good quality of life and may have to be humanely euthanized if I cannot get this surgery for her.”

Lady received her surgery on April 28th and was able to go home just two days after her surgery!

Instagram; pictured above is Lady

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