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She Went On A Really Good First Date With A Guy, But He Kicked Her Out Of His Apartment At 2 In The Morning Because She Didn’t Hook Up With Him

Should I hook up on this first date? This thought is always in the forefront of our minds amidst getting ready for the night.

In today’s day and age, the meaning behind hooking up is much different than it’s ever been. Casual dating with casual hookups are all the rage. 

Some people like to stay single and have fun, while others are out there looking for a committed relationship, and the thought of hooking up on the first night raises their anxiety levels.

However, what if the night is going well, you instantly click, and before you can even think about the next move, you accidentally pass out on the couch and are aggressively awoken by your date. 

Then what?

Leah Wagner went straight to Tik Tok to discuss her unusual date. Leah had been talking to a guy she met off Tinder for multiple hours every evening.

The guy eventually decides to ask her out for dinner and drinks, and she says yes. Dinner was great. Later that evening was not.

So they went out for dinner and instantly clicked. The conversation was flowing, and they were so comfortable that they constantly made each other laugh.

TikTok; pictured above is Leah in her video

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