This California Horse Rescue Is In Dire Need Of Donations Before The First Of July

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Yesterday afternoon, Polo Pony Rescue of Acton, California, issued a plea for help on Facebook. The horse rescue shelter, which was founded in 2012, has fallen into hard times amidst the worsening economy.

Over the years, the rescue has taken in and cared for all kinds of horses. Some were at livestock auctions and would have ended up in terrible situations. Others needed proper training and healthcare or lost their owners.

And despite having to turn away some poor ponies, the rescue currently cares for thirty-two horses.

“We are not a large rescue by any means. But, this number seems overwhelming when you look at the monthly bills,” the rescue explained.

Some community members do contribute donations, and other people sponsor specific horses. For example, a woman named Jane supports a pony named Charlotte, while a horse named Brandy is partly funded by a woman named Tamara.

Despite these helpful offerings, though, rising market prices have done a number on the rescue. Every single month, the rescue must come up with over ten thousand dollars to cover boarding, the farrier, veterinary bills, and training.

“I either have to find that money or produce it myself… and I am running out of hours in which a person could possibly work,” the owner wrote.

With the price of hay rising a whopping seven dollars per bale of alfalfa and vet prices increasing due to the outrageous cost of gas, Polo Pony Rescue has to come up with over seven thousand dollars by July 1 just to stay afloat.

“Every day I open my email hoping to find a nice surprise. We have got three days left to cover the bills which absolutely have to be paid on July 1 that add up to $7,225,” the owner wrote.

pimmimemom – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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