This Is Jules: She’s A Special Needs Dog Looking For A Temporary Foster Situation Where She Can Live For The Next 3 Weeks

The Halfway Home Animal Rescue Team was launched in 2019 by a collection of volunteers all dedicated to the same mission: helping change the lives of animals in bad situations.

The Halfway Home Animal Rescue Team specializes in getting homeless animals placed in temporary homes where they can focus on recovering from the horrible things that they have experienced in the past.

The Halfway Home Animal Rescue Team gets every animal in their care medical attention, but they also address an animal’s nutritional, emotional, and behavioral needs as well, with an end goal of finding them a permanent home.

“We will come to the aid of all animals, both domesticated and wild, in crisis, whenever realistic,” the Halfway Home Animal Rescue Team says on their website.

“We have no time limits for any animal. We are committed to giving every animal “as long as it takes” in order to find the new home that they deserve.”

A couple of hours ago, the Halfway Home Animal Rescue Team posted on Facebook about a special needs dog named Jules who needs a temporary foster situation where she can spend the next 3 weeks.

On June 27th, Jules will need to find this special kind of place, and since she’s currently in Connecticut, the Halfway Home Animal Rescue Team is hoping to find a situation for her that’s nearby.

If that’s not possible, they are able to help get Jules a ride to any of the states close to Connecticut.

Facebook; pictured above is Jules

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