This New Jersey Shelter Is Overflowing With Large Dogs Just Waiting To Be Adopted, And Here Are A Few That Are Available

AHS Newark is located in Newark, New Jersey, and they are a non-profit humane society that offers a variety of services to local communities.

AHS Newark sadly is overflowing with large dogs just waiting to be adopted right now, and in a recent Facebook post from a few days ago, they mentioned that summer is the craziest time of year for them.

“Summer is the busiest time of year for our shelter,” AHS Newark wrote in their post. “Families are taking vacation so there are less adopters and fosters, we get animal surrenders and strays daily and the kittens are nonstop!”

“Right now our shelter is full to capacity with large dogs- we want to make it clear that no animals are in danger due to lack of space.”

“But at this time we are looking for assistance wherever we can find it- adopters, fosters, and most importantly rescues! There are beautiful dogs just like Lakota here waiting to find their forever home! Please come to the shelter to meet them!”

Let’s meet a few of their adoptable dogs, starting with Lakota.

AHS Newark; pictured above is Lakota

Lakota is a 3-year-old boy, and it’s anyone’s guess as to what breed he really is. AHS Newark thinks he’s part Collie, and he definitely turns heads with his tri-color coat.

Lakota would do best with a family that has older, teen-aged children and another dog that he can be friends with.

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