This Service Dog Inspired Her Owner To Become A Certified Dog Trainer And Now Her Owner Is Fighting To Help Her Beat 4 Types Of Cancer

Palmdale, California. You may have heard about Tye Friis and his life goal of rescuing animals. Tye is the founder of two rescue organizations: Reversed Rescue, a non-profit dog rescue, and Rescue Like A Boss, another non-profit rescue organization that focuses on broader genres such as animals that “have been illegally bred or have no other option but euthanasia.”

Born and raised in a small town in Iowa, Tye grew up training dogs with his father. And after he left home around age 15, Tye had done many different jobs to pursue many of his passions and dreams.

But, while he was in one of the industries, he witnessed how badly humans could treat animals, which led to the path of starting his rescue organization.

“When I got my first dog, MayHem, I had no idea what bad people did with dogs out here,” Tye explained in an interview.

“Backyard breeding fight and bait dogs, fight rings. Here’s what happened that led to the start of my dog rescue.”

“Sometimes you come across bad people out there not following the rules and profiting into bad spaces,” Tye pointed out.

“It crushed my soul but lit a fire that had only been sitting as a pilot light inside me for so many years.”

Tye has been on this rescue journey for years, and one dog has always been by his side–Lucy.

GoFundMe; pictured above are Tye and Lucy

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