While He Was Out With The Girl That He’s Been Seeing, She Gave Her Number To Another Guy After He Left To Go To The Bathroom

The guy whose number she had just gotten earlier had listed the name of the bar they were at next to his name so she couldn’t keep denying what had happened.

As he continued to speak with her about this, she promised to delete the guy’s phone number, but that solution wasn’t good enough for him.

“And all I can think is the damage is done,” he said. “I know we’re not exclusive but the disrespect of something like this I don’t know if I can get over.”

“I cooked us a nice steak dinner earlier in the night and then we went out with a group of my friends.”

He really is into her, and he thought the feeling was mutual. The only reason he hasn’t taken his relationship with her to the next level is that he recently broke up with a girl he was seeing for 3 years and living with.

He’s hesitant to get right into another serious relationship, so that’s why he’s been slow going with this girl.

He’s left wondering if he’s being too dramatic about her getting another guy’s number while she was out with him, or if this is a good reason to stop seeing her.

Do you think what she did warrants breaking things off?

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