A Groom Had To Scramble To Reorder His Fiancée’s Wedding Dress After Her Grandmother Was Accidentally Buried In It

Wedding dress mishaps are a dime a dozen. But this chaotic gown mix-up is surely unlike any other.

Kasia, the owner of Kasia’s Bridal & Special Occasion Boutique in Chicago, Illinois, recently shared the bizarre story of a groom and his soon-to-be brother-in-law. They accidentally buried the bride’s grandmother in her brand new wedding dress. Yikes.

How did this happen? Well, Kasia explained how the bride-to-be visited her boutique and ordered a gorgeous custom gown. Afterward, she asked her mother to store it in her closet for safekeeping.

Normally, no one would ever go into the closet besides her mother. Unfortunately, though, there was a death in the family.

The bride’s grandmother passed away, and, amidst the tragedy, the mother of the bride asked her son to get his grandma’s wedding dress from her closet. Apparently, the bride’s grandfather had been married in his wedding day tuxedo, so her grandma wanted to be buried in her wedding dress.

In turn, the groom and his soon-to-be brother-in-law entered the closet and saw a wedding dress hanging inside a bag.

They quickly grabbed it and delivered it to the funeral home. Little did they know that grandma’s wedding dress was stored in a box, and they had just dropped off the bride’s brand-new gown.

And you might be wondering how the bride did not notice during the funeral. Well, grandma’s funeral was a closed casket ceremony due to her cause of death– so nobody ever saw her in the bride’s gown.

TikTok; pictured above is Kasia in one of her videos

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