A Group Of 6 Senior Citizen Content Creators Known As The Retirement House Are Taking Over TikTok

The group’s videos always take place in a mansion that they “live together in” (but really rent by the hour).

And since beginning to share their outrageous videos, Retirement House has gone totally viral. The actors have participated in trends such as the “gentleminions,” the “sprite challenge,” and the “Harlem shake”– earning the account over 3.8 million followers and nearly 80 million collective likes.

During the spoofs, you might catch the senior citizens dancing on kitchen counters, doing the splits, dressing up in extravagant outfits, or just poking fun at Gen Z culture.

And aside from entertaining the TikTok community, the group seriously enjoys creating these videos together.

“You see so many stories of older people who are not happy because, as you get older, you lose friends, you lose relatives, and you do not have people to share your life with,” Reatha Grey, who portrays Rose, said in an interview with The New York Times.

“We are actually building shared memories together– and it’s on videotape.”

To check out The Retirement House and support these older stars living their best lives, you can visit their account linked here

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