A One-In-Ten Million Rarity: This Mom Naturally Conceived Two Sets Of Identical Twins

Ashley Ness, a thirty-five-year-old woman from Massachusetts, recently learned she was expecting quadruplets.

Not only did she conceive the babies naturally, making this occurrence extremely rare, but they are also two sets of identical twins.

The odds of this happening are one in 10 million, according to Ahmet Baschat, the director of the Center for Fetal Therapy at Johns Hopkins.

Ashley had been visiting her gynecologist to renew a birth control prescription when she actually found out she was pregnant. But, it took two more weeks for her doctors to realize she was carrying not one baby but four.

Ashley and her boyfriend, a forty-seven-year-old small-engine mechanic, named Val, already care for three children at home.

One is Ashley’s biological daughter, an eight-year-old named Chanel, while the other two– Zayden and Isaiah – are Val’s sons.

So, while extremely excited about welcoming four new members into their family, the couple is also stressing out about the cost.

Some friends of Ashley and Val’s recently jumped into action and organized a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for the soon-to-be family of nine.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Ashley

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