Harry Styles’ Fans Are Convinced His New Song “Matilda” Is About Kendall Jenner, So Let’s See If You Think This Theory Holds Up

On May 20, Harry Styles released his brand new album entitled Harry’s House. Fans around the globe have embraced the pop rock album, with songs such as “As It Was” and “Late Night Talking” climbing Billboard’s chart week over week.

But one song in particular, titled “Matilda,” has begun to generate a lot of fan speculation. Apparently, admirers of Styles believe the song’s intimate and melancholy message is actually about Kendall Jenner.

In a recent interview, Styles did admit to writing the song about someone else.

“In getting to know [the person] better, they revealed some stuff about them which I was like, ‘That’s not normal.’ And I think for a lot of people, what you know from your experiences is everything that you know. So, it’s easy to mistake it as being regular behavior,” Styles said.

He decided to name the song “Matilda” after the famous Roald Dahl book, in which the fictional character Matilda escapes a hurtful home life and finds a sanctuary with her teacher, Miss Honey.

“[The song] is kind of how I imagine Matilda as a grown-up,” Styles explained.

So, why do fans believe the mysterious Matilda is Kendall Jenner? Well, the theory harks back to almost a decade ago.

In 2013, Styles and Jenner dated for a short period of time before getting back together in 2014. Then, after finally splitting, the pair have reportedly remained friendly over the years.

Instagram; pictured above is Kendall

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