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He Didn’t Allow His Girlfriend To Get More Chips And Salsa When They Went Out To Eat Because He Didn’t Want To Spend The Extra $5

He and his girlfriend were still pretty much starving by the time they finished up the salsa and chips, and his girlfriend mentioned wanting to get another order of the chips to tide them over.

As his girlfriend was trying to get their waiter’s attention so she could get that second order of chips, he stopped her.

“I had noticed when I read the menu that extra chips and salsa would cost $5, and I didn’t want to pay it,” he said.

“She responded, “Seriously? You’re treating me to dinner at my favorite restaurant for my birthday, but you’re going to cheap out on chips and salsa? If I want a second margarita, are you going to tell me ‘no’?” I told her that I had factored in extra money for drinks but that I wasn’t paying extra so that we could gorge ourselves on chips and salsa because it wasn’t worth it.”

He’s left wondering if it was wrong of him to tell his girlfriend that she couldn’t order more chips and salsa since it cost another $5.

Do you think he should have let her order them?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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