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He Made His Daughters Leave Their Family Vacation And Go Home After They Intentionally Left His Disabled Stepdaughter Out

“We went there immediately, and found Jenna sitting alone while the girls were eating ice cream and hanging out at a different location.”

“I got so mad at them especially after they admitted “leaving her there”. I told them vacation was over FOR THEM and had them pack their stuff and took them home.”

Lilly and Nora sobbed as he packed them both into his car. The girls begged him to be able to stay on their family vacation, but he wasn’t hearing it.

While his wife and Jenna stayed at the resort, he drove Lilly and Nora back home for his mom to babysit them.

He drove back to the resort, and the vacation picked back up as planned; just without Lilly and Nora.

“Both girls and their mom were all over me about this and their mom went on a rant about me favoring my stepdaughter over my biological ones and being a doormat for my wife,” he continued.

“The girls were upset but I explained why I did what I did. Their mom defended them saying that I shouldn’t force them to “care” for their stepsister and expect them to be her “maids” and stop their life for her.”

His ex-wife then told her entire family, and everyone is ganging up on him. His ex-wife is accusing him of destroying their anticipated family vacation.

He’s left wondering if he did overreact with Lilly and Nora when all he was trying to do was get them to not exclude his stepdaughter.

Do you think he was right to drive his daughters back home, or should he have let them stay?

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