Her Sister Wants To Announce Her Pregnancy At Her Wedding Because She Got Proposed To At Hers

reniuca - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This twenty-eight-year-old woman has not had the best relationship with her older sister. Her parents got divorced when they were very young. So, the pair did not spend much time together growing up.

Things did change once both sisters hit their twenties, though.

They were finally in similar stages of their life since they both got into serious romantic relationships.

In turn, the sisters were able to bond easier and actually became quite close for a few years.

Eventually, the older sister got engaged to her high school sweetheart, and the woman was over the moon for her. She believed she had never seen her sister so happy.

Then, tragedy struck on the wedding day. The woman was hit with a surprise and accidentally stole her sister’s spotlight.

“My dumb ex-boyfriend proposed to me at my sister’s wedding– needless to say, I had absolutely no idea. I rejected his proposal and ended up leaving him,” the woman explained.

Still, even though it was not her fault, the woman’s sister was furious. In the sister’s eyes, the wedding she had dreamed of for years was no longer as special.

And the woman understood– almost too well.

reniuca – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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