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She Has The Money To Prevent Her Mom And Brother From Being Homeless, But She’s Refusing To Help Them Keep A Roof Over Their Heads

She has so far forked over $10,000 to keep her mom and brother afloat, and although she has brought up that she can’t keep paying for them, they have had nothing but terrible things to say to her.

She recently learned that last month, her mom and brother didn’t even use the money that she gave them to pay for their rent; instead, they only gave their landlord half of the money.

She doesn’t know where the rest went, and her mom and brother are looking at being evicted since they also owe late fees and have no money to pay for this month’s rent.

In light of the fact that her mom and brother are about to be homeless, she found them information for a local shelter, but they said there is no way they will live there.

Instead, her mom and brother are planning on living in her brother’s tiny car that doesn’t even have air conditioning.

“I have the money to help,” she said. “It wouldn’t bankrupt me by any means but this is money I’m trying to put toward my future and retirement with my husband so I don’t end up in this situation.”

“My mom keeps telling me without my help they will be homeless within the month and I feel awful not helping her because she’s an old woman but the thought of helping my brother too in the process keeps me from giving her anything.”

Her brother is able to get a job, whereas her mom has medical issues that limit what she can do for work, so she thinks it’s crazy that her brother isn’t making more of an effort.

She’s left wondering if she’s a bad person for not wanting to pay her mom and brother’s rent, which is going to result in them being homeless.

Do you think she’s obligated to keep paying for her mom and her brother so they can have a roof over their heads?

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