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She Lives In The Same Apartment Building As An Influencer Who Just Throws Gifts Out In The Trash

One TikToker named Nikki shared that she lives in the same building as an influencer (she never divulges who) but this influencer gets these PR packages, and just puts them in the trash after she opens them.

Nikki shared that she hates influencer culture, and how so much unnecessary packaging is used with each PR package.

“There’s an influencer that lives in my building, on my floor. I’m not gonna say which one,” Nikki explained in a video.

“But she is very beautiful, and I love her content. Um, however, she sometimes throws out really nice things, she puts them in the trash room.”

“I don’t know if her intension is for people to like see it. I don’t think that what it is, cause usually it’s underneath other stuff.”

As someone that has grown up using second-hand clothes, used kitchen items, and other previously owned things, I’m all for reducing the amount of plastic packaging and the amount of waste that sometimes comes with new products.

The thought that someone is just throwing stuff that was sent to them is so wasteful.

“It kind of makes me upset, and sometimes it’s really nice things, and that stuff is just getting sent to the landfill,” she continued.

TikTok; pictured above is Nikki in her video

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