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She Lives In The Same Apartment Building As An Influencer Who Just Throws Gifts Out In The Trash

She even showed one of the things that she found. A perfectly good water bottle and a cute beaded case for it.

“You could put free on it, in the lobby and someone would take it,” she said.

Nikki then posted another video to respond to some people that commented on her original video, saying that her intensions were not to bash someone or shame them at all.

“For all I know, the girl that put that stuff in the trash room, her intention was for someone to, let’s give her the benefit of the doubt, cause she could have put it down the actual shoot but she just left it in the room,” Nikki pointed out.

“It would be nicer, it would be better if she took it to a donation center or put it somewhere more visible. But I’m not here to just criticize all the time.”

The point she was trying to bring to light was the wastefulness that influencer culture has created in general.

She continues to go on and explain a lot about why she even brought up the issue in the first place.

The over production and use of natural elements from underdeveloped countries that rely very heavily on the support of bigger powers.

If you have run across this problem, what are your thoughts? What would you do if you saw a bunch of stuff in your trash room that looked brand new? Would you take it for yourself, donate it, our would you just keep walking?

You can watch the video from TikTok here.


i hate influencer culture i hate pr i have how much shit gets sent to millions of people who do not need it #rant #influencer #waste #trash #supergoop #susanalexandra @Anna Sacks / @thetrashwalker

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