She Outlined Two Law Of Attraction Methods On TikTok That Can Influence Your Relationships

Have you heard of the “law of attraction?” This philosophy that anyone can claim their thoughts to determine the fate of their reality actually dates back to 1891 when author Prentice Mulford began referencing the term in academic essays.

Since then, countless famous books have described the phenomenon for readers. And now, with the advent of TikTok, creators across the globe have reignited an interest in the law.

#LawOfAttraction actually has over 3.7 billion views on the platform. This hashtag is often used on “WitchTok,” a subculture of TikTok where modern witches discuss spirituality.

And one extremely popular #WitchTok creator is known as @AuraVibin. She posts daily about everything from astrology and tarot cards to manifestation and cleansing.

But, some of the creator’s most popular videos involve manifesting relationships via the law of attraction.

In a recent ultra-viral video, she first discussed the “whisper method,” which is essentially a way to communicate with someone while they are dreaming.

“Make sure before you do this, you set the intention that you are coming from the highest vibration and a space of love for everyone involved,” the creator advised.

First, she instructed followers to picture the person they want to communicate while they are sleeping.

TikTok; pictured above is @AuraVibin in her video

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