She Went Viral For Recording A Surprising Conversation Two Guys Were Having About Dating And Women

“What’s wrong with coffee as a first date? I think it’s brilliant,” commented another user.

This led to Erin making a response video with more footage from that day. She starts off her second video with some more context about the conversation.

Erin explains that she started recording the men because before the comments were made about a coffee date, they discussed the “bare minimum” requirements they have for their future partner.

They want their future lady to have her own place to live and her own car. That may not sound too unreasonable.

But then, one of the men said that his dream woman must have a good credit score.

The video then cuts to one of the men saying, “The only reason why I say credit is because Lord knows my credit isn’t good.”

The man then goes on to explain that the only reason he is living in his current home is that his wife had a good credit score!

If he has a wife, why is he talking about going on coffee dates? So many unanswered questions.

Although most TikTok users who watched Erin’s videos were getting a kick out of the conversation, some were unhappy with her for posting the video without the guy’s permission.

“Stop eavesdropping,” commented one user.

“Yes, these men are garbage, but get a life and stop recording conversations that you are not a part of,” commented another user.

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