This 1-Year-Old Dog Was Misdiagnosed And It Turns Out He Was Stung By A Bee

A family recently lost their first dog of 13 years, and while they never thought they would overcome their grief, time healed all wounds, and time brought Ollie.

Ollie has filled the family’s lives with much joy, light, laughter, and comfort. 

As Ollie seemed to have brought a touch of love during a dark time in the family’s life, they would soon experience a heartbreaking situation, leaving them anxious and fearful.

A few weeks ago, their sweet pup Ollie became ill. Worried, the family rushed him to the emergency room, where he was misdiagnosed with a perforated intestine.

Before they knew it, their biggest fear was upon them. Ollie was lying on death’s doorstep.

As it turns out, Ollie was experiencing Anaphylaxis Shock and was bleeding internally. All of this occurred from a bee sting.

Ollie is only a year-and-a-half and still has much light, love, and laughter to give the word, including his family.

Isabella Nunez has organized a fundraiser to help raise money as they continue fighting to save Ollie’s life.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Ollie

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