This Dad Cancelled His Daughter’s Flight To See Her Partner Who Was In An Accident So She Would Still Attend A Family Wedding

And the man was far from happy about that family slander.

“She did not mention us by name explicitly. But, it is obvious what it was about, and it pretty much caused nuclear warfare throughout my side of the family,” the man recalled.

Still, Vienna did not care. Instead, she was worried about Matthew and booked a flight to visit him anyway.

Then, the dad took it upon himself to intervene using the family’s shared airline account.

“All of our flyer accounts are linked, so I canceled her flight,” the man said.

“We told her that she really needs to understand how big of a deal this wedding is and that some man does not overtake a family obligation.”

But, Vienna did not care about anything her dad had to say. Instead, she “blew up” and got into a massive argument with her parents.

And, since she was left without a flight, Vienna was forced to attend the wedding.

She apparently fulfilled all of her bridesmaid duties and “did not make a show.” Following the wedding, though, Vienna allegedly cursed her parents out. Now, she has not spoken to them since.

The man and his wife have tried calling and texting her repeatedly, but Vienna refuses to answer the phone.

She apparently flew out to see Matthew the day after the wedding, and her dad is still wondering why it mattered so much to her.

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