Her Sister Spilled Red Wine On Her Custom Wedding Dress And Ruined It As A “Joke”

MaxFrost - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 28-year-old woman just tied the knot last weekend, and her wedding was going perfectly in her eyes.

“The venue was beautiful, the weather was great, and I was feeling like a princess in my dream wedding dress,” she recalled.

Well, that was until her younger sister came around and killed her vibe by ruining her wedding dress.

For some context, her sister is 25-years-old – so old enough to know right from wrong and “jokes” from cruel and inappropriate behavior. Yet, during her wedding reception, her sister still thought it would be hilarious to spill red wine all over her wedding gown.

According to her, her sister knew just how much her dress meant to her, too. First of all, it was custom-made just for her.

“And I had been saving up for years to afford it. Not to mention the sentimental value attached to it,” she said.

So, she was understandably devastated and furious at her sister – who she proceeded to scream at. Then, her sister stormed off and went to the bathroom while she was left trying to salvage her dress as best she could.

Unfortunately, though, there was no coming back from the red wine spill, and her wedding gown was completely ruined.

“I spent the rest of the night in tears, trying to enjoy my wedding despite feeling humiliated and betrayed by my own sister,” she revealed.

MaxFrost – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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