She Called Her Friend A Bridezilla And Said She Can’t Listen To Her Complain About Her All-Expenses-Paid Wedding Anymore

anatoliycherkas - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman’s friend is getting married, and she’s envious of how fancy and extravagant her friend’s wedding will be. Her friend’s parents are spending a lot of money on the affair, and they’re currently touring European vineyards to find the perfect wedding location. This wedding is out of a fairytale and out of most people’s reach because it will be expensive.

All her friend’s parents required for the wedding was that the ceremony be officiated by a clergyman from the religion they raised her to practice and that the food served at the wedding was prepared to fit their religious dietary restrictions. They didn’t ask anything else of her friend but to follow these two rules.

“If she wants to get married on the Good Year blimp while it’s parked on Mars, I’m pretty sure they could make it happen. She just can’t have any bacon. All she does is complain about these restrictions,” she said.

Initially, she was empathetic and understood that her friend felt confined by her parents’ rules. It must have been frustrating for her friend since she was unsure about whether she wanted to continue following the religion she grew up practicing. However, she could no longer deal with her friend sobbing for hours on end, day after day.

She suggested that her friend fund her wedding on her own if she wanted complete control over the ceremony and food. Since her friend’s wedding budget would be significantly more than anyone else’s, she could still have the extravagant wedding she wanted if she paid for it herself. Her friend sneered at the suggestion, so she didn’t bring up the option again.

Yesterday, her friend called her in tears, as usual. Her friend was upset because she hoped to have a particular dish served at her wedding, but if she adhered to her parents’ requests, the meal would have to be prepared in a non-traditional way to fit the dietary rules.

“This is the end of the world, apparently, if your buffet can’t have dairy-based salad dressings. The ‘Kim, there are people dying’ meme played on a loop in my head. I was so done at this point. I told her I couldn’t listen to it anymore and to call someone else,” she explained.

After she said this, her friend was furious, and they argued back and forth a bit more before ending the call, saying mean things and hurling insults at the moment they normally wouldn’t. Later, some mutual friends texted her and asked how she could have treated her friend that way.

“They said, ‘How dare you do this to the bride?!?’ She’s engaged, which means no one can criticize her for the next 14 months because her ‘special time’ and wedding planning (with TWO wedding planners, mind you) is the most stressful thing ever happening to anyone,” she shared.

anatoliycherkas – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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