This Dog Went In For A Routine Checkup And The Vet Noticed A 6-Inch Mass On Her

Like a majority of the world, I have grown up with pets my entire life, I even plan to get a dog and a cat with my boyfriend in the next coming months. But I am never prepared for when any of my pets have gotten sick.

In the fall of 2021, my cat Tiger’s health started to decline, and it was a very emotional time. But he lived a long life, filled with love and family.

Lexi McPike is, unfortunately, going through the same thing, the sickness of her best friend and dog, Nala.

Lexi took Nala to a new vet for a routine wellness check. The vet started checking Nala’s belly, and she felt a large mass.

They took some x-rays, and they showed a large growth. The oncologist confirmed that the mass was a 6-inch splenic tumor.

They’re not sure what type of mass or tumor it is, just that it needs to come out before it ruptures.

“Nala is on restricted activity and is scheduled for surgery next week,” she explained on a GoFundMe page.

“Those of you who know me can probably guess how I’m dealing with this. Nala is my entire life, and I’m doing my best to be strong for her. While we are hopeful for a good outcome and solid recovery, I cannot help but worry for my girl.”

GoFundMe; pictured above is Nala

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