This Sleep-Influencer Is Making Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars Per Month From The Comfort Of His Bed

Imagine making thousands of dollars from the comfort of your own bed. TikTok “sleepfluencer” Jakey Boehm has managed to change this unbelievable business model from a dream to reality.

The twenty-eight-year-old TikToker is from Australia and has over five hundred and sixty thousand followers on the platform. How did he get so many?

Well, by allowing the world to watch him sleep.

In fact, “sleepfluencing” is when people live-stream themselves sleeping for the world to see.

TikTok allows viewers to chat with others in the stream and send gifts to the video creator. So, sleepfluencers aim to create a kind of bizarre sense of community while also receiving a nice kickback.

Although, Jakey Boehm has revolutionized the sleepfluencing game. First of all, his room looks like it is straight out of an arcade.

It is equipped with tons of LED color-changing lights, neon signs, inflatables, and bubbles. How he manages to fall asleep in that environment is still a mystery to us.

Moreover, instead of just letting viewers watch him slumber like numerous other TikTokers, he created a sort of game around the live stream.

TikTok; pictured above is Jakey in one of his videos

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