An Australian Artist Is Seeking $6,200 For A Discarded McDonald’s Pickle Slice That He Stuck To An Art Gallery Ceiling

8th - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Do you remember the banana duct-taped to a wall that sold for one hundred and twenty-thousand dollars back in 2019?

The controversial piece entitled “Comedian,” created by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan and eaten by performance artist David Dattuna just two days later, sparked outrage and awe across the globe.

Now, the “next banana” is here. But this time, it is a sculpture comprised of a single discarded McDonald’s pickle slice.

Australian artist Matthew Griffin reportedly walked into the Michael Lett Gallery located in Auckland, New Zealand, took a pickle slice from inside his McDonald’s hamburger, and flung it onto the gallery’s ceiling.

The work has since been simply titled “Pickle,” and now, Griffin is seeking just over six thousand and two hundred dollars for the piece.

Ryan Moore, the director of Fine Arts, Sydney, where “Pickle” is currently being exhibited, described how the mixed public reactions to the work are entirely understandable.

“A humorous response to the work is not invalid. It is okay because it is funny,” Moore said in an interview with The Guardian.

He also reportedly went on the describe the work as a commentary on what people attribute meaning and value to.

“Generally speaking, artists are not the ones deciding whether something is art or not. They are the ones who make and do things,” Moore continued.

8th – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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