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An Illinois Police Officer Stopped To Rescue An Abandoned Pup In Bad Shape On The Side Of The Highway

The Chatham Police Department of Illinois recently shared a heartwarming story involving a concerned citizen, a caring highway patrol officer, and an abandoned pup.

While driving up Route 75, Illinois resident Kaye Fiorello noticed a trooper sitting in a turnout beside the highway.

He checked his speedometer, realized he was traveling within the speed limit, and continued driving to an appointment.

But, a few minutes later, Kaye noticed a female dog sitting in a ditch near exit twenty.

“She looked bad,” he recalled.

And even though Kaye was in a rush, he decided to risk his appointment and a possible ticket by turning southbound and heading toward the trooper’s turnout.

“I turned in, and the trooper was still there! He rolled down his window, to which I told him about the dog. I didn’t want a ticket but wanted to help that dog,” the man explained.

The trooper was more than understanding and actually accompanied the rescue efforts. After Kaye explained where the pup was stranded, the pair headed toward the ditch.

Facebook; pictured above Officer Tudors stops to help the abandoned dog on the side of the highway

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