Even Though Her Wedding Is Literally Going To Be A 3-Day Carnival, Her Mother-In-Law Refuses To Let Her Have An Intimate Rehearsal Dinner

Her mother-in-law, though, thinks it would be rude not to invite all of the guests who are traveling in from out of town. So, the mother-in-law has been pressing her about her decision not to invite everyone– and it has seriously been getting on her nerves.

“She pushes again and again. ‘Why is that?’ Like, why do you care?” she said in a huff.

Then, her mother-in-law claimed it would be “tacky and rude” to only invite a select group of people. And afterward, the mother-in-law had the nerve to call her unappreciative– even though she and her husband, her parents, and her in-laws are all splitting the cost.

Now, they are on day three of this argument, and her mother-in-law has shown no signs of quitting.

“It has become World War III. I did not want this big wedding anyway. And to me, family is on a whole other level of importance that should be treated as such– so I wanted the rehearsal dinner to be a time set aside that I can be more intimate with just family,” she explained.

Despite this very understandable preference, though, her mother-in-law refuses to wrap her head around it.

So, she has been left wondering if telling her mother-in-law she does not want all of her guests there was somehow a “rude” and “unappreciative” thing to do.

Do you think wanting a small rehearsal dinner is a reasonable request? Is it the mother-in-law’s place to dictate who should be invited? How would you navigate this sticky situation? 

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