He Asked His Girlfriend Not To Say Anything Embarrassing In Front Of His CEO, And She Got Super Offended

Volodymyr - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This man’s girlfriend had to endure a pretty challenging childhood. But, she has since emerged from the rough period as a highly successful, self-confident, and self-assured person.

And even though he really admires these qualities about his girlfriend, he also believes that they push her to say things that are “socially uncomfortable.”

For example, one time, he and his girlfriend were traveling to dinner with a friend– and the friend kept apologizing for their messy car.

“My girlfriend said, ‘Girl, I grew up in a hoarder house, and I am in the middle of shoveling stuff out of that house. There is nothing on earth that could disgust me anymore!’ And while that’s true, it was kind of an uncomfortable overshare,” he recalled.

Another instance where he believes his girlfriend overshared was when she was talking to a coworker about their shy child.

The coworker did not know how to help get their kid come out of their shell, so his girlfriend tried to console them.

“But, my girlfriend was like, ‘Give her time, I’m sure she’ll grow into herself. I didn’t talk to anyone in school. Literally, like I had no friends if you’ll believe it!'” he said.

So now that he and his girlfriend are set to attend a big dinner party at his CEO’s home this weekend, he is seriously worried about her saying something out of pocket.

In turn, he sat her down and basically asked her to be a bit more reserved with his coworkers.

Volodymyr – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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