He Freaked Out On His Girlfriend For Making A Dessert To Bring To His Mom’s Dinner Party

He again reminded Rosie that a dessert was not going to fly with his mom, so he mentioned Googling something to make.

“She was quiet and about an hour later I came downstairs because I could smell something sweet and I found Rosie piping macaron batter,” he said.

“I freaked out. I started yelling about how I told her to specifically not make anything sweet because this was her one chance to get on my mother’s good side and I feel like she only made the dessert to be petty.”

“She got upset and told me to not raise my voice at her and that she was not doing it to be petty, she just doesn’t care what my mother thinks of her and that my mother is not the only guest at the dinner party.”

He was so upset that he let Rosie know that she could no longer come with him to the party, and Rosie had no problem staying home.

Right now, he’s feeling bad that he said that to her in the first place, since if Rosie does stick to her word and not attend the party, his mom will hate her even more.

He’s left wondering if he was wrong for asking Rosie to not bake a dish to bring to his mom’s party.

Do you think he’s in the wrong here, or was he right to try to get Rosie to be on his mom’s good side?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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