He Got VIP Concert Tickets For Himself, His Girlfriend, And His Cousin, But Then Gave His Girlfriend’s Ticket Away

racool_studio - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This twenty-year-old man unbelievably scored three VIP tickets to see a very popular artist and planned to take this twenty-year-old girlfriend and fourteen-year-old cousin with him.

“They are both die-hard fans of this artist,” the man said.

So, after securing the tickets, he told his girlfriend and cousin separately. But, trouble struck when the fourteen-year-old cousin thought the man had an extra pass.

Apparently, the cousin had told her best friend she could also come along, and the man only found out after seeing the cousin at a family party.

She was with her best friend, just streaming albums, watching music videos, and talking about how excited they were to meet the artist.

In turn, the man could not find it within his heart to tell the best friend she really could not go. He described how the friend had actually just lost both her mother and grandmother a few months prior and did not want to make her lose another thing.

So, they tried to come up with a solution. He first considered just letting his girlfriend take the tickets and the two fourteen-year-old girls to the concert.

But, his family has only known the girlfriend for a few months and refused to send the girls with her.

Then, the man was left with just one choice to make– take his girlfriend, or take the cousin’s friend. And he chose the friend.

racool_studio – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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