Her Boyfriend Will Not Let Her Buy An Apartment Unless She Puts His Name On The Title Or Waits Until They Are Married

Adam then gave her two options– either put his name on the property’s title or wait to buy the apartment until after they are married so it will become a shared marital asset.

Understandably, the woman said no way and told Adam to drop the topic. And he did, until one family dinner at his family’s home.

In front of his entire family, Adam randomly began complaining about the apartment again.

Then, he demanded the woman put his name on the title or wait to purchase it because he felt like there was a “huge power imbalance” and that he was not contributing.

The woman finally had enough and snapped back at Adam in front of his parents.

“I said, ‘The reason you feel like you contribute nothing is because you literally contribute nothing, and I suggest you fix that by actually finding a job and having a decent income,'” the woman explained.

Her heated response prompted some shock from Adam’s family and also caused Adam to leave the dinner.

Afterward, the woman awkwardly waited around for her boyfriend to return but was eventually forced to go home.

Apparently, Adam’s mother shamed the woman for her statement and accused the woman of financially abusing and controlling her son.

Since then, the woman has been left wondering what to do. Adam still will not speak to her until she decides between one of his two apartment options.

But, she does not want to purchase the property based on an ultimatum.

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