Her Husband Is Partying Like Some Kind Of Rockstar Nearly Every Night And Leaving Her Home To Take Care Of All The Kids

One week later, she and her husband were supposed to go to a steakhouse together yet he got there before her.

When she arrived, she saw that he was sitting at a bar with some random woman and this woman’s friends.

“There is no way I would be entertaining a row of men while I’m waiting on my husband to join me,” she said.

“They had been alternating buying each other drinks. The girl then stands up to leave, and before I can blink, he stands up, grabs her hand, and says, “you’re just going to leave without saying goodbye?” I was not only utterly appalled but heartbroken at that moment, although I didn’t let on.”

“I felt that was very flirtatious. This woman was probably trying to show respect for me by leaving unnoticed, but my husband needed her goodbye. I spoke to him about this, and he immediately apologized but then diminished the issue, later on, saying it’s ridiculous that if he’s “networking” he wouldn’t be allowed to say bye to someone.”

This really bothered her immensely, but things got worse. Last week, she found out that her husband met up with his ex after work one day and that his ex came to his office to see him.

From there, her husband and his ex took an Uber to a bar before heading to a second bar. She later found messages from his ex and a questionable photo of her holding a dish and appearing to be “all sultry.”

She confronted her husband, but he brushed her off even though she told him that she feels disrespected and that he does not have any boundaries with other women.

She feels that he’s partying too much and leaving her and the kids in the dust.

“Now he’s out again tonight he left without saying a word and text me brb 2 hours ago,” she continued.

“I’m at my wit’s end, and it’s only been 4 months. I live very far away from family, and I don’t have anyone to rely on or even talk to.”

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