His Wife Believes That His Divorced Parents Posed Inappropriately In Their Wedding Photos, And Now She Is Furious

Slava_Vladzimirska - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This man recently got married, and, for the family photos of his side of the family, he decided just to include his mother and father.

His parents got divorced a while ago, and both have new partners that came into his life while he was an adult. But, he honestly cannot stand either of them.

Plus, his parents know this– so they agreed to just take the pictures solo.

“My dad just assumed I would not want his wife since she is not really family to me. And, my mom knows full well that I will never take pictures with her boyfriend after the things he has said about me,” he explained. Yikes!

Nonetheless, he and his wife recently got the photos back from their photographer, and he believed they came out great. His wife, on the other hand, was quite furious about how his mother and father posed.

Apparently, his father placed his hands on his mother’s waist in the pictures. And even though he sees nothing wrong with this, his wife claims that the pose creates a “false narrative” that his parents are together.

“She said people were going to think it was weird and that our future kids were going to assume they were married at the time,” he recalled.

Nonetheless, he told his wife that the photos could have come out much worse.

For example, his mother could have acted like one of “those crazy mother-in-laws” who cling to their son in every single picture. Or, his father could have flashed his “typical grumpy face.”

Slava_Vladzimirska – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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