His Youngest Son Made Fun Of His Older Son’s First Car, So He Called Him Spoiled And Now The Whole Family Is Mad At Him

It all began when his oldest son came over and told a story involving “Christine.” Then, his youngest inquired about who “Christine” was and learned the oldest brother had named his first car that.

Afterward, his youngest began asking a bunch of questions about the car before starting to basically regard the car as cheap– which really pissed him off.

“He wondered why my oldest wanted to drive something so ‘old’ and ‘goofy.’ I know he did not mean anything by it, but I decided to give him a reality check,” he explained.

So, he told his youngest son that the car was all he could afford at the time. But, the son did not get the hint and proceeded to make another snide remark.

“Well, you’re getting me something new next year, right, Dad?” his son asked. And once he heard that come out of his son’s mouth, he quickly reprimanded him.

“I said he was acting spoiled and rubbing it in his brother’s face that he basically won the birth order lottery,” he said. This did not sit well with his youngest son, who immediately became offended by the comment and went to his room to sulk. Then, even his oldest son said he had been too harsh. His wife is even angry now, too.

So, even though he believes his son did need to learn how to be considerate of prices and other people, he is not sure if using the word “spoiled” was the wrong thing to do.

Who do you think is in the wrong– the son for acting “spoiled” or the parents for possibly “spoiling” him to begin with? And is what he said okay or out of line? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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