In 2009, Her Front Door Was Found Wide Open, Her Purse And Car Were Left Behind, But She Was Nowhere To Be Found: 3 Years Ago, Her Killer Confessed, But Recanted And Is Still Walking Free

When Nancy Moyer of Tenino, Washington, finished her shift as a financial analyst on March 6, 2009, she decided to hit a grocery store– known as Thriftway Market– before going home.

Afterward, the thirty-six-year-old mother of two made it back safely to her house that Friday afternoon and carried her groceries inside.

This was coincidentally witnessed by a Tenino police officer who had been stationed on her street corner while running radar.

But, on Sunday, March 8, Nancy’s husband Bill– whom she had been separated from– entered her Washington home to find a bewildering situation.

Bill would always spend weekends with their two daughters before dropping the kids back off at Nancy’s during the late afternoon and early evening hours on Sundays.

And despite being estranged for two years, the pair were never legally divorced and remained on good terms– successfully co-parenting their children.

Although, when he brought his two little girls back on March 8, he was shocked to find Nancy’s front door left wide open.

Her car was also still parked in the driveway– but Nancy was nowhere to be found.

Facebook; pictured above is Nancy

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